A Journey to Feminine Empowerment through the mysteries of the Goddess

Inanna Project envisions a world in which women embrace their fully Feminine nature to become empowered to succeed.

“We believe that the embodiment of Femininity brings forth strength, courage, compassion, tenderness, nurturance and love.”

Dr. Sandra Cox

Founder of Inanna Project

Welcome to the Inanna Project Podcast!

I’m Dr. Sandra Cox, creator, blogger and voice of the Inanna Project Podcast. I’m a Board Certified Psychiatrist with 22 years of practice in all aspects of Psychiatry, but with a particular interest in Depth and Transpersonal Psychology. What I mean by that is the study of the realms where Psychology and Spirituality overlap. We’re not talking religion, but the deeper aspects of the human psyche.

Here at Inanna Project podcast, we present information, education and inspiration for women and men of all ages. We bring you a perfect blend of Modern Science with Ancient Wisdom and the Feminine perspective on our world. We are shining the spotlight on the healthy Feminine and bringing to you wonderful, contemporary examples of successful women and men who bring a balanced touch of the Feminine to their work in the world.

Inanna Project Podcast episodes and blogs cover a broad spectrum of topics from improving our personal well-being to that of our communities. We interview women and men from all walks of life who demonstrate the power of the Feminine in their lives and professions. I’ll be talking about ways to enrich and improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health and how to bring that into your communities, creating a ripple effect that can spread to become a healthier world that is appropriately balanced between the Masculine and the Feminine.

So, tune in again for exciting episodes of the Inanna Project Podcast and read our blogs to get additional resources and citations!

Until then, be kind to others but especially, be kind to yourself.

Inanna Project

We envision a world in which women embrace their fully Feminine nature to become empowered to succeed.