Inanna Project

Inanna Project envisions a world in which women embrace their fully Feminine nature to become empowered to succeed.

Dr. Cox chose the name “Inanna” due to her love of ancient mythology. The mythology of the Goddesses illustrates the power of Feminine while also demonstrating the challenges of being Feminine. Inanna was a Sumerian Goddess, the story of which was found on ancient, stone tablets estimated to be 5,500 years old. Inanna was termed the “Queen of Heaven” and she was seen as being the Goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, war, combat, justice and political power. She came to that status after willingly traveling into the Kur, or Sumerian underworld, where she hoped to comfort her grieving sister who had lived there with her husband, the god of the Kur who had recently died. As she journeyed there, she was stripped of her power and upon reaching her destination, her sister struck her dead and hung her body on a meat hook for three days. Her father sent secret beings to rescue her. They were able to comfort Inanna’s sister, Ereshkigal and attain Inanna’s life back.

As Inanna strode back into the world, she was transformed into an even more powerful cond confident being. She was worshipped by the Sumerians between 4000BC and 3100BC.

Inanna’s story symbolically tells of the journey of many women from the innocence of childhood into the challenges and trials of adulthood. The journey transforms us, imbuing power into our beings, enhancing our lives and those of others.

Inanna Project Workshops

Through mythology, story, poetry, dreamwork, soul work and ceremony, the workshops of Inanna Project offer avenues of insight into the energies living through us and those that call us to a greater, more meaningful path. Inanna Project is offering women’s workshops on empowerment through an understanding of the Goddesses and their psychological and archetypal meaning. We believe that the salvation of humanity is dependent on bringing forth healed and whole Feminine energy in both women and men. Women of all ages can participate in mixed age workshops or those designed for women entering different phases of life from maiden to womanhood; single life to marriage; motherhood; stepping into or powering up in the workforce and those transitioning into becoming grandmothers and wise women. Inanna Project also offers retreats for adolescents transitioning into adulthood wherein participants cross over a threshold, in sacred ceremony, to honor passage into a time of responsibility; accountability and competence.

Inanna Project Mission

Inanna Project is about transformation. We bring you an enlightened vision of the Feminine in all of it’s power and show you ways to let it live through you, enriching you and your world. Join us here for blog posts and on our podcast as we explore this fascinating realm of the fully-actualized Feminine spirit!

Dr. Sandra Cox

M.D., a Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Dr. Cox trained at the University of Colorado then explored training in Energetic Medicine in the Barbara Brennan technique. She brings to the practice of medicine an understanding of how the human energy field affects our health and the realities we create. Dr. Cox teaches her clients how to utilize mindfulness; meditation; sacred ceremony and ancient wisdom to change their thoughts to manifest a more fulfilled life.

Dr. Cox has been a practicing Psychiatrist for 25 years with a special interest in transpersonal psychology; ancient wisdom, dreamwork and the mysteries revealed at the intersection of Soul and Nature. She has extensive experience in treating trauma-related disorders; depression; Bipolar Disorder and anxiety.

While recognizing the place for traditional treatments, Dr. Cox also guides her clients in discovering and birthing their Soul’s deepest gifts. Both in the office setting and in the wilderness, she has assisted clients to enhance their inner knowingness and live fulfilled and meaningful lives.

Inanna Project

We envision a world in which women embrace their fully Feminine nature to become empowered to succeed.