A Journey to Feminine Empowerment through the mysteries of the Goddess

Inanna Project envisions a world in which women embrace their fully Feminine nature to become empowered to succeed.

“We believe that the embodiment of Femininity brings forth strength, courage, compassion, tenderness, nurturance and love.”

Dr. Sandra Cox

Founder of Inanna Project

Welcome to the Inanna Project!

Welcome to Inanna Project, where we are powering up the Feminine! We are dedicated to empowering women through information, education and inspiration. Women around the world are finding not just their voices, but their power. As they do, they discover that the Feminine is gentle and strong, nurturing and fiercely protective and the Powerful Feminine is the epitome of creativity while possessing the ability to transform that which no longer serves her.

At Inanna Project we tell stories of Feminine power, shining a light on the hidden beauty of being fully, fiercely Feminine. We also offer blogs and podcasts that encourage and inspire your inner wellbeing and creativity.

Our Podcast and blog posts coverĀ topics that are pertinent to women’s health and success. We weave together ancient wisdom with modern science and technology to bring you the best of both worlds. We discuss physical; emotional and spiritual health as well as how to be more successful in creating a life you’ve always wanted. We interview women from all walks of life who have become successful by integrating their Feminine nature into their work.

We will help you reconnect with your own inner, creative soul. We believe that when we improve ourselves, it creates a ripple effect that spreads into society, creating a better world.

About Dr. Sandra Cox

Dr. Sandra Cox is the founder and creator of Inanna Project. She is a Board Certified Psychiatrist. Dr. Cox has worked with thousands of people, assisting and witnessing their journeys to health. She loves working with people as they strive for wellness. Her years of experience contain a common, healing thread which is that the healing journey can only be moved along by self-love and compassion. She teaches people to move past the negativeĀ messages instilled in many of us in childhood that tell us we are not worthy of success or happiness and also messages that may have steered us toward gender-biased roles in the world. Those messages can create self-sabotaging behaviors which rob us of leading a fulfilling and rewarding life. She teaches people to erase those messages and replace them with new ones filled with “Truth”, that is “You ARE worthy of the best in life and of happiness!”

Inanna Project

We envision a world in which women embrace their fully Feminine nature to become empowered to succeed.